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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Egyptian Apology: It was an accident

To the Ladies and Gentlemen insulted by our overexcited old President, in particular, shiaas everywhere, and Darfur refugees and massacres victims that he has not heard of (some hearing problems!!!!) :

We did not choose him. It was an accident. Furthermore, he is too old to be taken seriously. I know he occupies the President’s chair, but believe me, not per our informed and voluntary decision.

To all Egyptians (and the President, if he can read):

He says he cannot find someone in Egypt who can shoulder the responsibility (out of the 70 millions no one except an ex-military pilot with a high school decree of 49%, and some military education). Here is an idea: why don’t we announce an international procurement to choose a President? We bring foreign coaches for national football teams and pay them a lot of our tax money, why don’t we have the same in the most important position in out country?

I know it is unpatriotic and most unconventional inviting foreigners to rule, but be assured that no one ( absolutely no one) can ever damage Egypt more than he has done and continues to do. The general public living standard is at its worst level. Welfare, human rights, employment, productivity, education, judiciary, tolerance, security and safety, to mention a few, are deteriorating and some have already disappeared (education and health care for e.g.).

No one should mention national sovereignty, as I don’t want to say a bad word, but everyone knows where the decisions come from. Mubarak is damaging Egypt “reputation” and interests internationally. An important example, in addition to what he has just said about shites and Darfur, is our relations with African countries especially where the Nile comes from cannot be worse.

SO Mr. President if you cannot find Egyptians who can take the responsibility, you may ask for some external help. But please not Gamal and all Dicks refrain.

Last word: “ there are words better unheard better unsaid” but what can I do? I am so ashamed.


Check these to see whether I was exaggerating:
In Arabic):
In English


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